Saturday, January 24, 2015

Swapping Keys with AutoHotkey

I have recently purchased a really cool keyboard, the Rapoo KX mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is amazing:

  • it is wireless and wired
  • 5GHz wireless connection
  • it has a backlight
  • compact
  • it is mechanical!
  • looks great :)

...but has one fundamental flaw, the Shift key is very inconveniently located on the right side of the the arrow up key.

To make this keyboard "usable" I have used the AutoHotkey and swapped the right hand Shift key with the Application key located on the left side of the arrow up key.

One can even swap caps on this keyboard but I won't be doing that. I have however installed O-rings :)

Here is the source of my .ahk file:


I have also reversed the mouse scrolling for good measure as I prefer the natural OS X scrolling.

Send {WheelDown}

Send {WheelUp}

Both the source and the compiled versions are available for download.

1 comment:

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